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Practice Areas

+ Entity Formation

+ Purchase & Sale of Real Estate
   - Residential
   - Commercial 

+ Commercial Real Estate Leases

+ Real Estate Development

+ Preparation of Easements & Construction Liens

+ Brokerage Agreements

"I can't stress how important it is to work with a lawyer who fully understands the creative part of intellectual property. That's what makes Jeff unique. He combines both his vast knowledge of intellectual property law with the comprehension of how it fits into the creative industry. Jeff is a genius and well worth his time in gold. He's a great guy to have on your team."

 -- Cathey Armillas

Real Estate Litigation

Licensed in Oregon and Washington.
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"Jeff has been my business attorney for over 30 years. He handles everything from lease negotiations to corporate meeting minutes and state filings for me. He is a consummate professional whose focus is always to protect and support me as a business owner. Jeff’s knowledge and experience is priceless. I appreciate his counsel and consider him an essential part of my business team."

- Martha E. Rich, D.M.D.

“My wife and I were more than pleased about the outcome of a housing dispute we had with a contractor.  We not only received our money back that we initially were hoping for, but we obtained double that amount, legal fees, arbitration services, etc. Jeff Bodie did an amazing job.  The arbitrator saw fit to compensate us greatly for what we went through.  Thanks for the great work that Jeff Bodie and Mary did for us.”  

- Rachael Pound & Corey Clay.

Business Litigation

+ Corporate formation, Operation, and Maintenance
+ Limited Liability Companies, and Partnerships

+ Adding New Partners to Established                      Partnerships

+ Buying & Selling Business Assets or Entities

+ Secured & Unsecured Loan Transactions

+ Division of Entities to Protect Assets

+ Strategic Planning, Including Positioning

Entities to Sell

+ Contract, Trust, Foreclosure 

+ Rescission or Specific performance

+ Quiet title

+ Commercial Lease Disputes

+ Adverse Possession

+ Receiverships

+ Claims involving real estate brokers

+ Tresspass Claim

Intellectual Property Litigation

+ Creation of IP Assets:
   - trademarks
   - copyrights
   - trade secrets

+ Protection of IP Assets:
    - Filing and Registration

+ Monetize IP Assets via Licensing Agreements

+ Software Development Agreements

+ Creation & Implementation of Trade Secret Protection Programs

+ Option Agreements

real estate


 + Prosecution & Defense of TM & ©     

+ Trade Secret Misappropriation, Prosecution & Defense

+ Initiating/Defending Oppositions to Applications

for Federal Trademark Registration

+ TRO/Preliminary Injunctions

+ Licensing Disputes

+ UDRP Domain Name Prosecution

Our clients



Attorney at Law

"Jeff guided us through a very successful contract negotiation with a much larger and better-resourced partner. He's handled our trademarks, including a successful UDRP proceeding for a strategically important domain name. He crafted the Terms of Service for our SaaS product. Jeff is smart, diligent, thorough, and most of all the lawyer you want by your side as you do business in the modern world."

- Greg Scown, Smile, Inc

Intellectual Property

+ Mediation & Arbitration

+ Partnership, LLC, and Corporate Disputes & Dissolution

+ Minority Shareholder Disputes

+ Commercial Fraud

+ Breach of Fiduciary Duty

+ TRO/Preliminary Injunctions

+ Commercial collections

+ Provisional Process Prejudgment Attachment

+ Representing Secured Creditors in Bankruptcy